Barbadillo is a family owned business, one hundred percent Spanish, that effortlessly brings together tradition and modernity. It looks towards the future without forsaking its origins and skilfully converts the true essence of the south into its unequivocal mark of identity. Barbadillo currently owns 500 hectares of vineyards spread over two estates, Gibalbín and Santa Lucía, both of which are located in the area known as Jerez Superior, or Upper Jerez. The former has an extensive winemaking plant fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and Barbadillo’s numerous wine cellars are strategically distributed over the outstanding area of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, surrounding the medieval castle of Santiago. The cellars occupy a total area of more than 75,000 m2 and have an overall capacity of 35,000,000 litres, which is the largest in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Situated in the south of Spain, a delightful and vibrant land that was aptly named the “Place of the Sun” by the illustrious writer Don Manuel Barbadillo Rodríguez, the soul and symbol of the company for over half a century, Barbadillo merges with the clear skies of Cádiz and cares for roots that have filled its barrels over centuries. The company is located in the region of Jerez where the mighty Guadalquivir River meets the sea in the beautiful Coto de Doñana National Park; an extraordinary World Heritage Site. In this unique setting, and as a result of the gentle compliance of the climate and the generosity of the earth, a unique wine is born that has become a universal name; Manzanilla.

Luis de Eguilaz 11, 11540 Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz.



Pernod Ricard

Le presentamos Pernod Ricard España. A través de esta página, le invitamos a conocer nuestra Compañía y nuestra amplia gama de productos. Pernod Ricard España cuenta con uno de los portafolios más completos y prestigiosos, entre los que se encuentran reconocidas marcas internacionales como los whiskies Ballantine’s y Chivas Regal, el whiskey irlandés Jameson, la ginebra Beefeater, el ron Havana Club, el anisado Ricard y marcas locales como el brandy 1866, los licores Ruavieja, etc.... Perteneciente a Pernod Ricard, co-líder mundial de la industria de vinos y espirituosos, el éxito de la Compañía se basa en contar con un portafolio completo de marcas premium, en una clara apuesta por la innovación y nuestra estrategia de premiumización, en una estructura descentralizada, en la cultura emprendedora de sus colaboradores y en el compromiso ético, social y ambiental desde los orígenes de la Compañía hasta la actualidad. ¡Bienvenidos a Pernod Ricard!

P.º Cristóbal Colón, 5 · 41001 Sevilla.

954 222 390



Sierra de Jabugo


Sierra de Jabugo, S.L., ruled by the Bomba family, started its activity in 1994 in the world of marketing and production of products derived from fed acorn Iberian pig. Today, this company is a benchmark for its products have a very high quality and the brand name of Jabugo has an absolute significance.


The company continually invests in infrastructure and has facilities in El Repilado, Jabugo, (governance, management and administration) Zalamea la Real (where ‘Raíces Serranas de Jabugo, S.L. the second company of the group is) and Sevilla (point of sale to final consumer).

'Bomba Gómez, S.L.' is the part of the group dedicated to the management and exploitation of farming following strict animal welfare and environmental policies.


The company is attached to 'Jamón de Huelva' D.O.P. and the whole production -country and industry- is submitted to very strict controls to be rated 'SUMMUM' for highest quality.

Juan de Ledesma 103, 41006. Sevilla

959 12 28 68. Fax: 959 12 26 68